Photography Catamaran:O’Plezir

Photography session on a 58 ft Catamaran: O’Plézir. These guys do sailing with dolphins, snorkelling behind barrier reef, cruise to Ilot Bénitier and visits on the west cost of Mauritius island with lunch on board the catamaran. You can also have the catamaram for a unique wedding setup with a sunset cruise. Contact O’Plézir on rv4fishing(-at-)

O'Plezir catamaran O'Plezir catamaran-58 ft Catamaran - Ilot Benitier Party people BBQ on catamaran BBQ lunch catamaran Enjoying catamaran trip Enjoying catamaran trip Enjoying beer catamaran preparing for a big catch Enjoying beer catamaran closeup catamaran rope closeup catamaran rope closeup skipper O'plezir catamaran catamaran O'Plezir Ready for snorkelling Taking a dip in the lagoon Nicolas De Baize Chilling on catamaran catamaran from top catamaran from top enjoying catamaran day Closeup catamaran Closeup catamaran Portrait skipper Security catamaran Portrait Skipper Portrait Skipper Portrait Skipper Portrait Skipper Embarking Cheers Enjoying drink sunset catamaran sunset
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